Colorado Springs Carpet Care has been offering professional upholstery  cleaning services for over 25 years.



Best Upholstery Cleaning Services in Colorado Springs

Clean carpets are a great first step to a clean home, but what about the furniture in your living room, office, or bedrooms? Furniture like couches, love seats, and chairs can attract just as much dirt, grime, and allergens as your home’s carpets and rugs. Keeping your living space clean goes beyond just a regular cleaning of your carpets and rugs—for a truly clean home, your upholstery needs some attention, too.

Our carpet care experts employ a unique dirt and dust particle extraction technique that is ideal for cleaning upholstered furniture. Our process, perfected over decades of cleaning homes and offices, breaks down and removes years of dirt and oils from your upholstery. When we’re finished, your furniture will not only look like new; it will also stay cleaner, longer.